Gillette Double Ring Safety Razor Tin Gallery

The very first production Gillette Razor Set in the lithographic tin with the tin blade holders probably manufactured 1903 inspected and packaged on January 18, 1904 for sale. Collectors later labeled the razor the Double Ring because of the two rings near the razor head. A rough estimation of the number of tins to survive is approx 20 or so. Only around 4 are known to have felt and two that have razors. The tin blade holders are even harder to find than the larger tin. Only a handful are known at this pont. This is the most complete set known at this time with the original razor and original 20 blades. The inspection ticket was undated. Gillette quickly went to a leather covered wooden case making these tins ultra rare. Many of the surviving tins were found in the Gillete factories in the 70’s. It is possible many were never finished and sold. See the Histories and Mysteries page for more theory.

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