Engraved Gillette Gold Single Ring Safety Razor Early 1906

G For Gold and a 1906 Serial Number

A Gold Double Ring has never been seen. The extremely rare 1905 Gold Razor on the left would be one of the few surviving razors Gillette sold in the early days. Less fancy than the engraved it would have been the razor received when placing your order for a Gold version double ring with the fancy case at a cost of $12.00. A standard razor was $5.00. $5.00 in 1905 would be $147.89 in 2020 and the razor to the left and the engraved version worth $354.93. For a new product not really tested not many were sold probably until deep into the 1905 period when the razor was becomming a success. Thanks to Marc Spencer for permission and https://www.mr-razor.com.

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